• Plastic Expandable File Folder with Important Papers

Sometime between May 4 to May 7, I lost my plastic expandable file folder. It had a lot of important stuff in the file folder. In particular, I had personal checks, affidavit in lieu of title for a single wide mobile home that I am trying to sell, a public notarized insurance complaint document, dated 4/5/2017, that I was going to file with OIC in Olympia, letter from my landlord, letter from his attorney, notice to pay or vacate, estimate from an electrician on cost of repairing my single wide electrical problems, US postal stamps. I am offering a $100 reward for the return of my expandable file folder with the contents I've described. I hope someone will return my expandable file folder and its contents. My name is David. (The photos are approximately how my file folder looked. I got it sometime back. I don't know if they sell that style anymore. It has pouches for checks and receipts too.)

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